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About Us

The Lalapanzi Story:

Lalapanzi is Zulu for a place to sleep, but the company shares more than just its name with this ancient African tribe. There is something very endearing about watching African (and other tribal women worldwide) going about their daily chores with grace and dignity and while displaying an everlasting awareness of their young children always close by.

The Lalapanzi Bed™ was designed with closeness in mind. It is not easy to travel with infants - they sleep best in their own beds. Yet globalization is forcing families apart and extensive travel is often required in an attempt to stay close. There is no better way for families to connect than sharing the unique joys that a newborn child brings.

Founded by two South African mothers, careful consideration was given to every aspect of the Lalapanzi Bed™ design. Envisioning a collection that is both elegant and soothing, Lalapanzi™ uses luxurious fabrics that are ultra soft, durable and easy to clean. The goal was to design a bed that was exclusive, yet truly practical and comforting to babies. Unique attributes of the Lalapanzi™ design include the following: 


Made to fit in a crib so that infants can get used to sleeping in their travel bed from birth


Soft side walls offer similar protection to that of a crib bumper


Oval shape simulates mother's womb. Ultra soft fabrics are chosen for the inside to enhance warmth and coziness.


At only 5 pounds, the Lalapanzi Bed is lightweight and its sturdy carry handles makes it easily portable.


Lalapanzi Beds™ are suitable for infants up to 1 year of age


The Lalapanzi Bed™ features the all important, patent pending soft oval shaped frame, allowing mom to fold her baby’s favorite bed and take it everywhere she goes!

Lalapanzi Beds, LLC™ is dedicated to providing on-the-go families with better sleeping solutions for their children. We believe close-knit families raise responsible children who can build strong communities. Our hope is that the Lalapanzi Bed™ will help your family stay close and connected.

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